Giuseppe Andreani – Öhlins Italy and Spain – talk to us about suspensions

Giuseppe Andreani, a former world-class motocross rider, was passionate about suspension when he was racing. Today, with the AndreaniGroup, he represents Öhlins in Italy and Spain, and officially follows several championships and teams, as well as developing training courses on suspensions. Interviewing him was very easy. We asked him to explain to us what a […]

Brian Gillen – How to develop dream bikes

Brian Gillen, Technical Director of the MV Agusta R&D Department, is the man behind the engineering of the iconic and performing Italian motorcycles produced in Schiranna, near Varese, north Italy. We met him in Eicma   In the days of Eicma, we organised a visit with some of our readers at the MV Agusta stand. […]

How to defend yourself against motorcycle thieves

  It is not true that nothing can be done against motorcycle thieves. There are multiple possible precautions that can be taken. From choosing the best anti-theft device to parking modes. From the classic chain and padlock to GPS-enabled alarms. Because if you know how motorbike thieves reason, you can avoid them! “If they choose […]

Motorcycle manufacturers’ portals with workshop manuals

In the jargon, they are called RMI portals. They have all the motorcycle manufacturers and are Internet sites through which it is possible to consult workshop manuals, electrical diagrams, processing times, spare parts catalogues.   RMI, such as “Repair and Maintenance Information”. Nowadays they are available for online consultation at relatively low prices, which vary […]